Bancroft Park Improvements

Bancroft Park has been a park since the early 20th century when the old Bancroft School was torn down. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the band shell in 1935 and this historic square has been the site of many a concert, event and open-air market since then.

Bancroft Park is the center of Old Colorado City’s social life, and maintaining it as such sets this historic district apart from other retail areas. We want visitors to enjoy it as a place to rest, people-watch and take part in events.

Renovating and Upgrading Our Historic Park

We have been planning renovations for the park, but a recent event added urgency to the process. The band shell fire on January 27, 2017 was big news in Colorado Springs. The damage was significant, but the good news is that we can repair and renovate the structure to make it even better than it was before.

The Old Colorado City Foundation has a plan to improve the park and renovate the historic band shell. This $650,000 renovation to Bancroft Park will upgrade the band shell and add ADA-compliant public restrooms and more attractive landscaping.

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