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Old Colorado City Needs your help!

Old Colorado City got its first building in 1859 when Melancathon Beach and Dr. James Garvin built a log cabin near the banks of Fountain Creek. Since then, this two-square-mile region has been the territorial capitol of Colorado Territory, a Wild West mining supply town and a thriving shopping district and neighborhood. Today, its history and local flavor attract tourists from around the world.

The Old Colorado City Foundation wants to keep it that way. We work with the Old Colorado City businesses and our local Historical Society to let residents and visitors alike know about this unique part of Colorado Springs. We are involved in a variety of projects to promote Old Colorado City as a place to visit and to make sure our visitors are comfortable, safe and happy while they are here.

Do you see the ghosts of the wild west when you walk our streets? Have you enjoyed events, concerts and artwalks here? Help us preserve this storied district by making a donation today.